definitely NOT your kids' karate class...

Three Rivers Eskrima Concepts

At Three Rivers Eskrima Concepts/Inayan Systems Pittsburgh 
our CORE curriculum is 

Inayan Eskrima.

Although we explore useful concepts/tools from striking,grappling, &weapon skills, our teaching & learning centers
on the Filipino Martial Arts ( FMA: known by many names- Eskrima,Arnis, Kali,Panantukan, Etc) in general, 
and the Inayan System of Eskrima in particular.

"The Inayan System of Eskrima"   is a complete martial combat system founded by  
Mangisursuro Michael G. Inay 
on the basis of  traditional martial arts of the Philippines.  Eskrima/Arnis is the traditional martial art of the Philippines, with a very long history of combat use.


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 We offer Law Enforcement & Military discounts.

NO contracts, ever!T

The difference between FMA & many martial arts is that the student is taught to train with weapons from the very start, rather than beginning with empty-hands training. The FMA's ingrain an interrelationship between empty-hand skills & weapons.  Because of this philosophy, Eskrima is widely recognized & sought after in the martial arts community for its extreme practicality and effective weapon & empty hand techniques.

As you progress through our curriculum, advanced training will include instruction in firearms, tactical training, defensive tactics and basic medical/ first aid. 

There's a difference between a "warrior" and a "martial artist".    We focus on warriorship.

If you are interested in belts, ranks, tournament trophies, or being the next great "cage fighter", then we are honestly NOT the place for you!

However, if you're seeking realistic answers to interpersonal conflict ranging from verbal aggression thru empty hand to weapon conflict, and you are willing to step outside your comfort zone and put in the effort to get those answers, then we believe you found the right place. Regardless of your current ability, whether you're brand new to the arts or come to us with experience, bring an open mind tempered with respect & courtesy, check your ego at the door, 
and you'll enjoy the journey...