Masirib Guro Joe Walls was introduced to Inayan Eskrima in 1997 through a former instructor of Jun Fan/JKD who was at the time, also an associate instructor in Mangisursuro Michael G. Inay's ITO program. After this introduction Mr. Walls’ life would never be the same; this was the day his journey in Inayan Eskrima began.

In addition to Inayan Eskrima, Guro Walls has trained in various other martial arts and blade systems. He has competed in, and/or trained competitors in boxing, grappling & MMA events in the past.

Since the passing of Mangisursuro Inay in 2000, Guro Walls has dedicated himself to the preservation and perpetuation of Inayan Eskrima, following the teachings of the The Inayan Brotherhood of Eskrima (IBE), a core group of Senior Inayan Guros, each of whom helped form the Inner Circle under Mangisursuro Michael G. Inay.

He was trained & ranked in the art by Inayan Masirib Guro Cory Hanosh, of Inayan Systems International, who was trained & ranked directly from Mangisursuro Mike Inay, the founder of Inayan Eskrima.

On September 15th, 2012 Masirib Hanosh accepted & assumed the title of Tagapayo as bestowed upon him by the Guros and students of Inayan Systems International

In addition to Tagapayo Hanosh, he has trained with, studied under & been influenced by:

Tagaturo Steve Klement:
The Inayan School of Eskrima

Suro Emanuel Hart, 
Masirib Guros Tom Skoglind & Keith Schuch:
Inayan System III

Inayan Lahong Guro Mike Klement:
Inayan Martial Arts Academy

Pangulong Guro Jon Ward:
The Inayan Martial Arts Association

Each of these men has had a major impact on Mr. Walls’ development, appreciation & understanding of Inayan Eskrima. He continues to maintain personal relationships with them all, as both friends and his seniors in the art.


Inducted into World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame

Senior Instructor of Arnis Eskrima


Featured in GM Bram Frank's book 
Filipino Martial Arts: Masters and Grandmasters


Awarded Gai-jin Ryu Jiujitsu Blue Belt

by GM Lee Epperson

December 17th, 2017

promoted to Masirib Guro by Tagapayo Cory Hanosh

July 19th, 2019

Instructor Certification CSSD/MBC² (Modular Blade Concepts/Martial Blade Craft)


Instructor Certification

MBC2: Close Range Medium ImPact Tool (CRMIPT)

​by GM Bram Frank

Katalungan Guro billy walls

Katalungan Guro jAKE bURGE

About Masirib Guro Walls

Katalungan Guro lINDA rUSSO


Cory Hanosh

august 29th, 2013

Basic Instructor Certification CSSD/MBC² (Modular Blade Concepts/Martial Blade Craft)

by GM Bram Frank

Awarded Associate Instructor Certification in Conceptual Modern Arnis/Combat Arnis
by GM Bram Frank

september 23rd, 2013

Promoted to Lakan Tatlo  (3rd Degree Black Belt) in CSSD/SC Arnis 
by GM Bram Frank

y in world renown.


masirib Guro           

Joe Walls Jr.

Inayan systems international

Three Rivers Eskrima Concepts

NovemBer 10th, 2007

Promoted to Inayan Katalungan Guro

June 1st, 2008

Founded Three Rivers Eskrima Concepts and began teaching the art of Inayan Eskrima as the Chief Instructor

May 2nd, 2009

Promoted to full Inayan Guro by Masirib Cory Hanosh

september 15th, 2012

Promoted to Lahong Guro

August 1st, 2013

Full Instructor Certification 
ComTech Bowie Knife Program
by Master at Arms James A. Keating